Legal Recognition and Respect for Rights of TGNC people

Objective 1: To advocate for legal recognition, respect and protection of transgender and gender non-conforming persons in Uganda. 

This objective focuses on addressing the gaps in law and policy in relation to Trans and GNC people in Uganda. In particular, TNU will work with others to advocate for specific legal recognition of Trans and GNC persons.

In addition, TNU will also advocate to have policies and programmes that specifically address the unique challenges of Trans and GNC persons, and promote their rights.

In order to attain the above objective, TNU will carry out the following activities:

(i)Research and documentation on a number of Trans and GNC related issues

(ii)Dialogue and meetings with various stakeholders to discuss the findings of the research

(iii)Production and dissemination of IEC materials that provide information on Trans and GNC related issues. These materials will be tailored to provide information and influence targeted stakeholders.

(iv)Monitoring and evaluating the situation of Trans and GNC persons, including their human rights, through providing a space where issues of concern can be raised, as well as documenting any incidents that are reported to the TNU programme implementing team.

TNU expects that the above activities will have the following results:

Short-term: Availability and accessibility of evidence based research and other forms of documentation about Trans and GNC issues

Medium-term: Increased awareness about Trans and GNC issues and rights amongst policy makers

Longer-term: Policy makers will make more informed decisions on laws, policies and programmes that have an impact on the rights of Trans and GNC persons in Uganda