Responsive programming and interventions for TGNC people

Objective 3: To promote informed and responsive programming and interventions for TGNC people in Uganda.

There are a number of organizations that target and address issues affecting Trans and GNC people. However, as mentioned above, some of these organizations do not fully understand and/or appreciate some of the unique challenges that Trans and GNC persons face.

As a result their interventions are not always effective.

Under this strategic area, UTGNC will address the challenge of lack of information and adequate appreciation of Trans and GNC issues by seeking out these organizations, providing them with information and maintaining dialogue with them.

In order to attain the above objective, UTGNC will carry out the following activities:

(i) Carry out amapping of trans- organizations and/or organizations that address Trans and GNC concerns

(ii)Research and documentation on Trans and GNC issues to inform various interventions

(iii)Networking and dialogue with different stakeholders

UTGNC expects that the above activities will have the following results:

Short-term: Mapping of different interventions targeting Trans and GNC people in Uganda completed

Medium-term: Opportunities for dialogue and sharing information amongst CSOs on Trans and GNC issues

Longer-term: CSOs that work on Trans and GNC issues adapt their programming to be more responsive.