Socio-economic rights and access to services by TGNC people

Objective 2: To advocate for socio-economic rights and access to basic services by Trans and GNC people in Uganda

Under this objective, UTGNC will focus its interventions on working with its members and other organizations that seek to support the development and empowerment of Trans and GNC persons as a way of enabling them enjoy their socio-economic rights.

In order to attain the above objective, UTGNC will carry out the following activities:

(I)Capacity building in a number of areas and skills for socio-economic empowerment. This will include training, internships, and learning exchanges, among others.

(ii)Educative dialogues for the members. These will be held on a regular basis (quarterly) and the topics will be determined by specific issues that the members will raise prior to the dialogues.

(iii) Meetings and joint advocacy by UNTGNC working with CSOs and service providers in the health sector to increase access to appropriate health services for Trans and GNC people in Uganda

(iv)Resource mobilization to find resources that UTGNC can invest in supporting its members to establish their own enterprises.

UTGNC expects that the above activities will have the following results:

Short-term: UTGNC identifies specific areas for training that will enhance socio-economic rights of Trans and GNC people in Uganda

Medium-term: UNTGC establishes working relationships with CSOs and health service providers in the health sector

Longer-term: Increased number of Trans and GNC people who utilize skills acquired for their socio-economic empowerment