Strengthening TNU's institutional capacity

Objective 4: To strengthen UTGNC capacity to effectively facilitate Trans-organizing in Uganda.

As a growing organization, UNTGNC has a number of institutional development needs. Whilst the leadership is passionate and committed, their experience in managing a membership organization that addresses such complex issues is limited.

A board has been partly constituted and should be able to provide the implementing team with strategic guidance; however, the board also needs support to do so effectively.

In order to attain the above objective, UTGNC will carry out the following activities:

(i)Trainingsand workshops


(iii)AGM and quarterly board meetings

(iv)Exchange Programs

(v)Structural development through systems strengthening, improving financial systems etc

(vi)More proactive fundraising including networking with and mapping potential funders

UTGNC expects that the above activities will have the following results:

Short-term: Establishment of key systems and procedures for efficient management, good governance, financial and program accountability

Medium term: Staff and Board capacity to apply the above systems and procedures for more responsive programming and efficient operations is enhanced

Longer-term: UNTGNC is a more responsive and accountable organization to its members