Cross boarder collaboration Health Project

In April 2018 TNU commissioned a needs assessment survey to document the needs, challenges and experience of transgender persons in Uganda to accessing health and other social services. The survey also wanted to document the challenges faced by Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and Community Based Organizations (CBOs) in offering services to transgender people. The survey further aimed to estimate and document population size and distribution (density) of Transgender people in Uganda

The needs assessment has generated evidence and data that can be used for policy advocacy, as well as targeted programming for transgender persons in Uganda. Over the years, the needs, experience and challenges of transgender persons in Uganda have been more hypothetical than reality. Similarly, the population of transgender persons have been doubted, raising more question of who exactly they are, and where they live. With the need’s assessment, TNU has been more scientific and generated evidence to answer these questions. For organizations, individuals and development partners interested in working with transgender people, TNU has produced a reference document for effective programing. The needs assessment has, generated rich knowledge about experiences of transgender persons (in their own voices), of how communities perceive them being trans persons, and how such perceptions perpetuate discrimination, stigma and denial of services and opportunities.


TNU hosted Psychologist/Counsellor from Serbia – Kristian Rendolvic, who has over 25 years’ experience in transgender health. Along with Kristian, we had a dialogue with 14 healthcare providers in Kampala. During the meeting we used an assessment tool to evaluate health workers’ understanding of transgender health and what entails comprehensive health service provision in the HIV care, treatment and prevention in Uganda. The tool also provides reference to Standard of Care for the Health of Transgender, Transsexual and Gender Non-Conforming Persons-,a one of a kind document with information for health practitioners that provides guidance on how to tailor trans specific service provision moving forward. This was a great opportunity for healthcare providers to enhance their skills and understanding for better transgender health service delivery.